Courtney (x_growing_up_x) wrote in patdbrent,

HUGE Question

Okay guys, I have a huge favor to ask you all.

I'm apart of OCK, which as most of you know, is the Fall Out Boy fan club. One of the girls decided to make a Fall Out Boy newsletter and I'm one of the section leaders. My section is on friends of Fall Out Boy and that includes P!ATD. What I need from you guys is reviews on the shows, if you met them, your experience from meeting them, what they're like, um just anything about them. Pictures of you and them, anything like that.

I have a rough draft deadline due on the 14th of this month, just to give her a general idea of what I'm doing and where I'm coming from. The actual copy is due on May 1st, so it would be great if you guys could e-mail me with this stuff.

Really, it would mean a lot if you could do this for me.

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